So, first things first, what does ‘Pampootie’ mean? Well, it’s a word that we used in our house ever since I can remember, and I thought everyone knew what it was. It was only when I grew up and moved away from home, and got strange looks whenever I said it, that I realised no-one knew what I was talking about.

A pampootie is a soft shoe or slipper! In fact pampooties are ancient footwear of the simplest possible design. Mostly found in Ireland (where I’m from), pampooties were often pieces of hide wrapped around the sole, and then laced to secure onto the foot – you can see one here.

So, in our house, any kind of slipper, ballet shoe or soft shoe is a pampootie! It’s my favourite word – it sounds friendly, looks great. I also have fond memories of some gorgeous pink pampooties which I passionately loved as a child, and wanted to wear forever. So, all things considered, Pampootie is the perfect name for my creative label.

Mystery solved!

About Elaine

DSCF2227I’ve been a passionate maker, sewer, knitter and crafter for as long as I remember – I can’t recall a time when I didn’t create things, and I can’t imagine a life without creativity. In my day job, I focus on creative change, and support individuals and organisations to harness the power of the arts and creativity to change lives, improve health, transform communities and enhance places.

In my own life, I know it’s essential for me to be creative too. So I now have a studio of my own to play in, make my stuff, and soak myself in the sheer joy of creating lovely things.  It’s the best thing I’ve ever done, and I love my studio days.

There are many passions – sumptuous fabric, paper, pattern, colour, the quality of light through surfaces, texture, pleasing shapes…..many more!

I have an extensive collection of fabrics – started when I was 6 years old, added to by Grandmas, Aunts, and many other kind people, as well as the gazillions I bought. Someday soon, I’d like to design my own fabrics too – another long-held dream.

I’m in love with Japanese and Scandinavian design – the colour palette, the simplicity, the elegance – gorgeous! I use natural fibres and materials – wool, silk, cashmere, leather, paper. Lately I’m enjoying the delightful softened tones of pure felted lambswool. I can feel my paper passions beginning to rise again too, so many more paper projects on the horizon too! And I’m about to learn how to use porcelain – can’t wait.

Hope you can join me for the journey.