Cutie Pampootie Hooties

Posted by Elaine B on Monday May 13, 2013 Under Crochet, free pattern, Gift, Knitting, Pampootie
Pampootie Hooties sm

Cutie Pampootie Hooties – crocheted owl keyrings

Say Hello to two Cutie Hooties. These little owls will be winging their way Down Under – a commission for two little girls in Australia.   Another fun crochet project, and a variation on this pattern from Ravelry. Check it out. Hope Rachel and Jenny like them…


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Crocheted cake for tea

Posted by Elaine B on Tuesday Apr 3, 2012 Under cake, Crochet, Gift, Knitting


A happy retirement cake for my Uncle Pat who finished work recently. Lots of fun making this – slightly complicated to work out all the details, but I’m really happy with how it worked out. Fancy a slice, anyone?

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Posted by Elaine B on Thursday Nov 17, 2011 Under Crochet, Gift, Knitting, Pampootie

Knitted, crocheted and beaded for friend Berni’s 40th birthday. Kinda dinky, kinda fun.
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Meditation Cushion

Posted by Elaine B on Tuesday Nov 15, 2011 Under Crochet, Cushion, Gift, Pampootie, Pillow

A special cushion I designed and made for a friend. Crocheted in the round with lots of different yarns – mainly wool and silk. I’m pleased how it turned out as I didn’t know what would happen…it evolved! Delighted to say that Berni loved it. Happy meditating…………..

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Not your Mama’s Crochet Skirt

Posted by Elaine B on Sunday Nov 13, 2011 Under Crochet, Pampootie

I really, really love this skirt! My first finished crochet project, and when I told people I was making a skirt with motifs they all looked horrified. I could hear the ‘Granny Square Alert’ sirens and expected the ‘Anti-Doily SWAT Team’ to leap from the bushes and take me away for my own safety. Pleased to say that it’s all been lovely compliments at dawn since they’ve seen the finished article.


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Posted by Elaine B on Friday Nov 11, 2011 Under Crochet, Gift, Pampootie

A small bunny egg cosy, with big bunny ears. My very own crocheted interpretation of the knitted Noblin Bunny by Abi Flynn Jones (magknits April 2006).

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